Expat like the locals

Welcome to Belgium - one of Europe’s most under-the-radar destinations. We promise to let you in on some of country’s best-kept secrets!


Home Sweet Home

Wherever life takes you, it’s just better when Two’s a company.
Need help interpreting Dutch documents? Grocery shopping? And how does one sort out all this trash? 

Stress free from A to Z

A new country means new traffic rules.

"What’s up with this priority from the right"?!


Family fun

With us you will find moving out of the comfort zone actually liberating. Want to know where to take your children after school or in the weekends? And dare we make it doubly fun?



Belgian ‘frietjes’

Even the French agree that we invented them

"My time with Annick has been invaluable. She has made everyday life easier by decoding the complicated recycling system, teaching me secrets to easy parking downtown and revealing fun ideas of where to take my kids. She has taken me to fabulous local eateries and taught me about traditional Belgian foods!"

Carey Locklar - USA