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The journey to ‘Two's a Company’

The first time I met my friend Carey, an American expat, she told me how frustrated she was upon her arrival in Antwerp. Frustrated with our waste management system, the traffic rules, her first time in the grocery store and It touched something familiar within me.

I so understood what she was talking about, and for one second I thought, I could easily help, but I was busy with my own life.

I was in the middle of a professional transition period, one I had been through 10 years ago when I moved back to Antwerp (my home town) after living the expat life for 17 years.

It touched that recognition of being both elated and frustrated of moving countries.

The stress of having to start all over again. Feeling exhausted after a day of trying to speak and understand a language not your own and not knowing your way around.

Then my friend invited me to a game of Bongo with a group of expat ladies, and after an evening of laughter and more stories of frustration, I decided to do something about helping my fellow expat friends.

My name is Annick, and I know how you feel

I’ve got you!! Let’s do this together, let me walk with you in this time of new beginnings until your confidently settled, organized and integrated.

I am your local expert in 'practical everyday' life.

I am a former Belgian Olympic equestrian team member, project and office manager. I’m a natural born problem solver, and out of the box creative thinker. I have a Master in Business Management and became a personal coach in 2013.

My expat life started at 22 when I moved to the United States to expand my career in the equine business. After receiving an offer I could not refuse, I returned home to Belgium and spent the next 5 years working and traveling the world.

I also moved to the Netherlands and France until I finally returned home to Antwerp in 2007 and discovered that settling back in the Belgian way of life was uncomfortable.

What I offer, is local life knowledge combined with the experience of expat life and shared with you in an effective efficient and warm way.

I am a passionate professional with personal understanding of expat life.