“Beyond what I expected.”

She has shown me parts of our city I would have never found on my own, revealing it’s rich history and how it affects Belgian culture today. These gems in our city have led to amazing outings with friends and family and life-long memories. Having grown up in Antwerp but also living abroad, Annick offers a wonderfully unique perspective. She has a gift of revealing the wonder of our city from the eyes of both a local and an expat. She has helped me to fall in love with Antwerp and given me the confidence to explore it on my own.

— Carey O'Neil - USA

“I can’t wait till the next time!”

Great customer service. Annick goes above and beyond to help expats with problems navigating life in Belgium. For example, I discovered a problem with duty owed from a package delivered by BPost. Annick helped me contact BPost and Belgian Customs to fix the problem. She contacted me via email and phone calls frequently to keep me updated on the status. She is friendly and professional. I highly recommend her for services. 

— Ashley Kelly - USA


We are very impressed with Annick’s passion, dedication and knowledge. She has been helping us cope with the challenges we faced working with local people.
All your advice was invaluable.
It was well worth asking for your help! Thanks you so much!!
Reijo & Esther Nevalainen - Finland
"My time with Annick has been invaluable. She has made everyday life easier by decoding the complicated recycling system, teaching me secrets to easy parking downtown and revealing fun ideas of where to take my kids. She has taken me to fabulous local eateries and taught me about traditional Belgian foods!"
Carey Locklar - USA